Monday, May 26, 2008

Brian Kelson: an Current Upstander

Kevin Way

Ms. Bluestein

May 22 08

2nd Period

Brian Kelson as an Upstander

This essay will talk about Brian Kelson how he has successful himself as who he is. Brian Kelson was born in Louisiana and lived there in his entire life with his family. His parents graduated at Southern University and his grandparents graduated at Tuskegee and also his families are well-educated.

Brian graduated at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C in a Bachelor of Association Degree in four years. His biography about him as a great student but he is glad that he prove people wrong that he can do it and also had a good life long lasting. His family ensured well-educated gene, and they have a potential that they knew they can do it even they would rather to graduated with their good feeling like Brian Kelson does. After he graduated at Gallaudet, some kids or staffs asked him what will he do after college and he isn’t sure but thinking about to go to graduate school in Maryland or New York either but he moved to Texas for his job and settled there for few years then moved to California to work at CSD and still.

In past years, something must be terrible in Gallaudet University when Brian was young boy and the situation was problem are about elected as president for Gallaudet University. DPN stands for Deaf President Now, however there was no deaf president until elected new president so there was three finals president who will become a president, most of students hope that two of them was a high qualified and deaf. One woman was one of them but she is a hearing and low qualified but deaf students preferred have a deaf president to reputation for their university. Before Board of Trustee made an announcement who will be a president so they chosen woman, that’s how the deaf students protests and fought to have a deaf president and omit the woman. Brian felt it wasn’t fair, so he decide to help them and support that woman should be omit and that’s how he have became an upstander for others but himself. Later, Board of Trustee made an announcement that they chosen I King Jordan as their president lasting until he retired last year.

Brian felt the important person whom inspired him are his Aunt Pat and Uncle Richard for support him in hundred percent. Aunt Pat the one who will always be there for him even his uncle supported him to go to university for four years and him proud graduated in 2001. When he graduated, many people came to him and said congratulation which made him inspired when he got his diploma.

His six pillars are caring, respect, responsible and fairness. I felt that he does care for other even though he doesn’t like them but he’d help them to show them that he had a heart. He has a lot of respect to others so they will respect him back but himself. If something happened, he’d take a good responsible for it to show that he know what to do. Fairness is a key to him because he knew he’d along with others if only they are show fairness no matter what but if others aren’t and he’d do fairness.

In conclusion, this essay was based on Brian’s biography with his six pillars. He is now working at CSD. Brian still happy that he got his degree after he graduated at Gallaudet University.


Miss Beautiful said...

Wow, I didn't realize that Brain Kelson be through this situation from his past...It really amazing for him to be proud himself

-From Moni' Brown

mia said...

Wow,I learned about Brain's story. I am glad that he here at CSD and be counselor for Senior boys.

you better be look up at him:)


Justin Salvato said...

Wow, its nice story about Brian because I already met him, but I didn't ask who he is, or what is his background, something like that. Its nice to know about him also I was interested about his upstander. Should came more picture about him.

Anonymous said...

Brian Kelson sure is a wonderful person to get along, but he is also full of hearts! I can't believe that he had to go through those terrible times at Gallaudet, but thankfully, he made it through! However, I'm surprised to find that he's one of your upstanders, even though you both belong to the same group. :)

jenna said...

yeah too obv brian is very wonderful person to be around and he do have the full of heart to give out..